5 Steps you can take to fast-track your fertility in quarantine

If you are in quarantine right now, I am with you. California is on lock down at the moment… as are many other states and countries all over the world! And, they really should be since social distancing is one of the best ways to prevent the progression of this virus. The good news is, at least from what we know right now, there are no direct impacts of coronavirus on fertility.

Many women have been messaging me about what they can do to support their fertility while they “wait” to return to their fertility journey. As you may understand, for many women and couples, putting fertility on pause is not ideal. Here are 5 steps you can take while in quarantine to not only support your fertility till your next available IVF cycle OR to optimize your fertility for natural conception, but the steps that you can take to FastTrack Your Fertility. 

Step 1: Gratitude.
Practicing gratitude will raise your vibration. The key though is to FEEL the gratitude. Not just counting the ‘things you’re grateful for’ but literally digging deep and feeling the gratitude. You can do this by asking the question “what had to happen to help me have XYZ that I’m grateful for right now?” … and keep tracing this back to the origin. You may find that everything in your life has aligned just in place for you to have the best things in your life right now.

Every time I do this practice, I’m in tears from the overflow of gratitude. Practice this daily and see it transform your life and your ttc journey!

Step 2: Dance.
If you haven’t seen my posts and videos about dancing, check them out. Dancing, especially using your hips in circular movement, is ideal to provide increased blood flow and circulation to your uterus and ovaries. So, put on your favorite music and dance! For a fun thing to do, record your hip dance and tag me on IG: @holistic_fertility_doctor

Step 3: Eat fertile foods. 
One of my patients said to me last week how wonderful lock down has been for them! Not being able to go out to eat has the advantage of eating good, homemade food. Take advantage of this! And as a bonus, try to get 30 different plant foods into your diet every week. This will add a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to optimize your fertility.

Got cravings? Stay tuned for life hacks and how to resolve cravings for good next week!

Step 4: Take egg quality enhancing supplements. 
I can’t tell you what to take for your body… but, I can give you my favorite egg quality enhancing supplements! You don’t need to take all of these, but definitely getting a variety of these nutrients in to your body on a regular basis could be highly beneficial to getting fertile and pregnant sooner rather than later. My favorite egg quality enhancers are as follows. NOTE: These are not prescriptions. If you want a specific recommendation, please speak to your doctor about which supplement and the dosage.

  • CoQ10

  • Acetyl L – Carnitine

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Melatonin

  • Resveratrol

  • Green tea – 2-4 cups a day (same tea bag, and organic of course, ideal to avoid the bag)

Step 5: Get support! 
You may have had an IVF doctor you were working with. But now that that is on pause, and there is likely not to be much movement on that front, it might help to get support from a holistic fertility doctor to help you move leaps and bounds forward to Fertility Success. We are currently re-structuring our business to do a lot more virtual. If you’re interested in what we might be able to support you with, fill out this questionnaire. I’ll personally email you to let you know how we might be able to help during these times.

I’m doing a LIVE Training on Fertility in Quarantine on Wednesday April 8th at 11 AM, PSTSave your spot to attend live! I’m not promising that it’ll be available as a recording, so if you want in, please plan to attend live.


Stay tuned for more tips on fertility in quarantine. And, I’ll look forward to supporting you in whatever way I can!