Is your uterus happy?

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Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, undergoing IVF, or considering an egg donor (like my patient I was talking to today), you need a healthy uterus to support the growth and development of an embryo into a child. There are some key things you can look for to determine the health of your uterus.

One of major factors that your doctor can test for you is your uterine lining. Optimal thickness of the endometrium is greater than 8mm for implantation. The endometrial lining is primed by healthy estrogen levels through the follicular phase. If the lining of the uterus is not thick enough, there can be multiple factors affecting it.

First, of course, the estrogen’s affect on the uterus to support the development of the endometrium. Beyond that however, the optimal blood flow and nutrients to the uterus are crucial. In my practice we support the uterus with two different treatments: Mercier Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy. Those are the two most effective treatments that I have found for the uterine health. Also, we want to ensure proper nutrient levels. At our clinic, we like to do that through functional nutritional analysis and support the body to have the nutrients that it needs.

Last but not least, the uterus, implantation, and embryo development are affected by something a little more difficult to analyze– how the immune system affects the uterus. To this affect, there are many expensive tests that can determine which exact immune cells are out of balance in the body (CD+, NK, or T – Cells. But, at our clinic, we prefer to test general immune and auto-immune factors. If any of those are elevated, we really ought to consider finding a resolution for bringing the immune system into balance. First and foremost, that usually involves healing the gut. A non-inflammatory diet may be recommended, in addition to supplements that will support immune balance. Then, we proceed to monitoring the previously out of balance immune cells to see if they have changed. Usually, they will resolve in 2-3 months, which has a promising affect on uterine quality.

The three treatments I have talked about here are crucial to uterine quality:

  1. Mercier Therapy

  2. Low Level Laser Therapy

  3. Immune re-balance through gut healing

I have seen a decrease in miscarriages because of this holistic approach, as well as better implantation and pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF and Egg Donors. If you have had frequent miscarriages, are undergoing another IVF cycle and want to increase your chances for success, or are using an egg donor for your next cycle, I highly suggest calling us first. We can greatly improve your chances within just 6-8 weeks of treatment.