It’s flu season… is the flu vaccine worth it?

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Lots of people take the flu shot to protect themselves during flu season. Pregnant women are especially warned that they are at higher risk and should definitely protect themselves. What most people don’t know however, is that the flu shot has mercury (thimerosal). Introducing your body to this toxin, used as a preservative in the flu vaccine, is really not recommended if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant. The other important note about the flu vaccine is that this vaccine is essentially based on last year’s most common viruses. The funny thing about viruses though, is that they mutate. So the likelihood of the same viral strain hitting twice in a row is unlikely. Basically, the flu vaccine uses outdated viral strains by the time it’s produced.


Before we jump into action items, I have a few things I want you to remember…


* Recognize that having a short cold or flu once a year is actually a sign of healthy immune function. Although, you don’t need to go out and intentionally get sick, if you do happen to get sick, know that this is a good thing. These short term, benign illnesses actually keep your immune system alert and active and may be preventing from other diseases like autoimmune disease or cancer down the road.


* The fever is a good thing, don’t suppress it! A fever below 103 degrees is actually a good thing. The fever is your immune system mounting a response to the virus. So, instead of taking tylenol to suppress your fever, I say help enhance your fever– it’ll do your immune system a world of good! But, this should be doctor-supervised… so find yourself a good Naturopathic Doctor who’s willing to give you some tools to enhance your fever and observe you through to the other side.


What can you do instead of taking the flu vaccine?


1) Elderberries. Drinking elderberry tea through flu season is probably better than the flu vaccine. Studies have shown that people taking elderberry were more protected against flu than people who took the flu shot. And, they’re delicious and high in Vitamin C.  You can’t go wrong with this!


2) If you begin to have preliminary cold symptoms, take action! Don’t wait till you’re really sick. I have a variety of favorites that I would suggest having on hand:

– Vitamin C — take 1000 mg a few times a day (or, until you being to have loose bowel movements)

– Wellness Formula — take 2 caps or tabs every 2-3 hours

– Oregano oil (use caution if you’re pregnant) – 1-3 drops every 2-3 hours


3) Magic socks. This is one of my favorite home remedies of all times. And… the directions for this therapy are coming in a future post.


Till next time, peace and blessings. Stay warm. And, stay flu-free!