That stubborn weight and how it affects your fertility…

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Your body weight is an indicator of your health – and is affected by so much more than your caloric intake and exercise. The women I see in my office are generally the ones that have been on so many different diets and exercise regularly. Yet, they are still heavier than they would like to be (or are overweight).


What could be causing that stubborn weight?

1. High levels of testosterone or androgens can lead to other imbalances that make it hard to lose weight.

2. Thyroid hormones play a huge role in weight management (but thyroid needs to be fairly tightly regulated, and unfortunately, most medical doctors don’t test your thyroid hormones completely so it’s hard to diagnose)

3. Insulin resistance – meaning the insulin that should be released by your pancreas in response to sugar consumption is actually released but has stopped having an affect on your cells processing sugar. This is why sugar and things that raise blood sugar causes a double whammy on your weight


What can you do about it?


** Get your hormones tested. I have created a specialty panel that you can order yourself if you don’t have a doctor that will order the tests for you. Thyroid problems or PCOS will make it harder to lose the weight. So, knowing where your hormones stand will go a long ways in helping you lose the excess weight.


** Eliminate sugar – believe it or not, sugar is a common ingredient in everything, including pasta sauce. And, honey is also a form of sugar. As is ‘evaporated cane juice.’ Nutra-sweet, splenda, and equal are even worst because the condition your taste buds to crave more sugar. Eliminate all sweets from your life for 3 weeks… you may actually change your taste buds away from cravings.


** Eat complex carbs like beans that actually help rebalance insulin resistance and increase the ability for your body to be less sensitive to sugar. Grains and beans actually fall into different categories. You don’t have to eat grains to get your complex carbs (their health benefits are less obvious) but eating beans can be quite beneficial.
If you have trouble digesting beans, this blog post can help you.