Do you need to detoxify before you conceive?

Here’s how we think about detoxing. For the clients who find us and need us, removing a build up of toxins from both their bodies and their homes is a priority. But it MUST be done well before conception, and with personalized guidance from a trained specialist. 

Living in a modern, industrialized society exposes us to a wide range of toxic substances, including chemicals and heavy metals, in our everyday lives. We ingest these through the food we eat, inhale them through the air we breathe, absorb them through the water we drink, and even apply them directly to our skin with personal care products.

In 2004, a study revealed that umbilical cord blood contained 287 different chemicals, such as mercury, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, organochlorine pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Research has found that of these chemicals, 180 are classified as carcinogens, 217 are neurotoxins, and 208 are associated with developing birth defects or abnormalities in animal studies. 

In a separate study, a randomly selected sample of umbilical cord blood was found to be positive for bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial petrochemical and synthetic estrogen commonly used in plastics, in 90% of cases.

The potential for prenatal exposure to toxins is often overlooked, yet it can have detrimental effects for both mother and baby. Prenatal detoxification is a crucial step in reducing the risk of harm from toxic exposure during pregnancy, helping to ensure the health of both the mother and child. Early exposure to toxins in pregnancy can significantly impact a baby's development, and it is essential that parents be informed of the risks associated with this exposure. It is tragic that these exposures often can’t be avoided; even when they can be, we aren’t taught about the harm these toxins can cause!

Due to the high levels of toxicity that many of us are exposed to, coupled with the amount of time it takes to be sure the toxins are eliminated from the body, it is important to plan ahead for conception. . In our practice, we prioritize detoxification for couples so that once all their other systems are balanced and ready for conception, we are sure they’ve completed detoxing. 

This is how we prepare. 

The Restorative Fertility method uses one-on-one intensive coaching and guidance to prepare for the 9-day detoxification phase. The detoxification regimen is individualized to each person's constitution and symptoms. We support meal and supplement planning throughout the process and work to make it a deep “scrub”.

The supplements are custom crafted by Dr. Aumatma through years of experience and research to support the process with the highest quality ingredients and optimal doses. 


What are the benefits?

  1. Eradicates toxins that create hormone chaos 
  2. Gives a deep sense of well-being, refreshment, and revitalization.
  3. Supports losing excess weight gained as a result of toxins. Inflammation in the body can make it difficult to lose those extra pounds.
  4. Your body will be clear of toxins that can be passed on to your future baby. 

Detoxification is a foundation of our comprehensive program, but it’s important to remember that a “detox” conducted without a plan or process can lead to unexpected results. Please please make sure that before doing a detox, you consult with a holistic provider who understands the full picture and can guide you appropriately toward a detox that can support your goal for conception & parenthood.

We work with clients who are ready to commit to transforming their health and fertility to finally have the baby of their dreams. Feel free to chat via the chat box on this website- or directly on Instagram.