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32-Year-Old with Endometriosis

She had been to many other Naturopathic Doctors before visiting the Holistic Fertility Institute for help with getting pregnant.

Since many years of trying to conceive, she felt desperate for someone who could help her understand what was happening and how she could get her body healthy, before she was able to conceive.

She was on 64 different supplements, unfortunately many of which were causing her more harm than good. After six months of working with the Holistic Fertility Institute, she improved her gut health, had her hormones more in balance, and was finally ready to start attempting to get pregnant once again.

She did end up conceiving a few months later, and went on to have a healthy baby boy.

44-Year-Old with Hormonal Imbalances

This incredible woman was a solo-mom-by-choice. She was on this journey, knowing her hormones were out of whack because she had extremely short menstrual cycles, with 10-12 days of bleeding.

She knew that before getting pregnant, she would need to address underlying imbalances - history of trauma, in addition to large fibroids in her uterus, anemia, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue.

When she went in for the retrieval, her doctor said it was going to be really difficult to do. Lo and behold, they were able to retrieve 23 eggs, of which 15 fertilized!

If you've been through an IVF cycle, these numbers are pretty spectacular, but for a woman her age, her Reproductive Endocrinologist was blown away! We worked together through her implantation and pregnancy and she had a baby at 45.

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38-Year-Old with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

This sweet couple came to me convinced that I was their only hope. When I met with them, they told me that they had suffered three pregnancy losses and their doctor was not able to tell them why.

As I talked to them more and reviewed her results, I saw quite a few red flags in her hormones. Further analysis of her husband revealed great sperm counts but he was borderline diabetic!

We worked on improving hormone levels for her and blood sugar levels for him, while helping to improve egg quality through our hands-on methods. 9 months later, they conceived and went on to have a healthy baby!

33-Year-Old with Previous Pregnancy Losses

This young woman was actually accepted to The Baby Plan program.

When we first met, she told me her strong intuition was that she was pregnant already and she wondered if I would help her not have a third miscarriage. A couple of weeks later, we had a confirmed pregnancy!

So, all the things we did were to optimize her pregnancy and she went on to have a healthy baby, after having suffered two previous losses!

32-Year-Old with PCOS

This young couple came to me with hopes of not having to do IVF. The woman was diagnosed with PCOS in her 20s and had tried IUIs with Clomid, Menopur, and Femara through her many years struggling with infertility.

She was also a believer in natural medicine, so had already tried many different herbs. When she came to the Holistic Fertility Center, she was at a loss for what else she could do. Her husband was extremely supportive and willing to do whatever it would take to have a family.

We ended up working with her to optimize her hormones, resolve the PCOS as well as some of the underlying issues with adrenal fatigue. We did also work on improving egg quality, sleep, and neurotransmitters. They went on to have a healthy baby boy.

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A Woman Who Wanted to
“Wait 'Till Later”

A lot of women are in the boat of not being ready whether it’s due to career or not having found the right person. This was my story.

I was 32 years old when I woke up to realize I DID want to have children but not with the man I was married to. It was the biggest wake-up call of my life, and it led me to doing the work I do now!

But, I did all the things I recommend in my program and got pregnant on my first try 5 years later, with the right man….And we went on to have a healthy child at 38.

My little boy gives me the daily reminder to keep doing the work we do, to help other couples experience the joy that we experience.

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