Aumatma is a Naturopathic Doctor & Nutritionist, in practice for close to 15 years. She specializes in women's health, is the best-selling author of "Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Baby-Making," and is a sought out speaker on topics related to Women’s Health and Empowerment.

Aumatma was awarded the “Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor″ award locally in 2015 & 2020, and as a top “Women In Medicine” Doctor in 2020. In addition to supporting couples through individualized care in person and long-distance, she also trains practitioners who want to specialize in fertility.

Aumatma has been featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump, etc., along with being interviewed for countless podcasts on topics of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.



Miriam is a licensed acupuncturist with a master’s degree in Science & Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2012.

She has been a healing arts practitioner for 18 years, also licensed in massage and yoga therapy. Her practice focuses on women’s health, sexuality and healing trauma with an emphasis on the mind-body connection.

Miriam spent a year in in-depth training and externship with Aumatma. Today, Miriam practices functional medicine at the Holistic Fertility Center, and has a private acupuncture practice.






As a Virginia-based health and wellness coach, Missy is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for women to honor their needs, own their power, and speak their truth.

In the midst of her own health crisis, Missy found functional medicine and healed her own body after 15 years of being sick and tired.

Emphasizing each of her client’s unique life experiences, goals, and dreams, Missy creates a custom action plan that supports them in moving forward toward living their best life. In addition to providing a deep and meaningful coaching experience to her clients, she also serves to mentor, inspire, guide, motivate, and hold them accountable to achieve their goals and implement the positive choices they’ve identified in their lives.


It’s not just about having a healthy "baby."

It’s about having a healthy "family" in which a baby can thrive.

- Aumatma, ND